Tincture of Time

Living Through Grief to Hope

From her husband’s “death sentence” through her first three years of widowhood, Judy Schreiber-Mosher’s Tincture of Time blends passion and sadness with magical moments of the past and present until she eventually emerges with the sense of a future. Unabashedly candid, she reveals that after the death of a loving partner the world, contrary to all indications, does not end. Rather, it transforms—in this case, due to the author’s willingness to ceremonially disperse ashes around the world; learn to eat, sleep, and travel alone; and eventually date, through the aid of secret tests devised to identify another possible soul mate.

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How to Cope with the Death of a Partner

Strategies for Surviving the Difficult Times Ahead
and Maintaining Your Emotional Health

This booklet evolved while I was writing Tincture of Time: Living Through Grief to Hope, a memoir about my husband’s death. One part of me was deeply involved in chronicling my experiences and feelings about this momentous transition, while another part of me—the therapist—wanted to give advice and suggestions to people facing similar challenges. But I couldn’t be objective enough to write a how-to book while subjectively recounting my experiences. Consequently, I focused on writing this booklet following the completion of my memoir.

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Remembrance Calendar

Stars Who Brighten the Face of Heaven

Poets and dreamers throughout the ages have given voice to the mystery of the stars. Their words, along with photographs of star-studded beauty, grace the monthly pages of this perennial calendar, inviting you to record the passing of special people in your life. May your reflections on pleasures shared with them in the past awaken solace and joy in times to come.

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