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"Compassionate, insightful, and witty! Schreiber-Mosher comes face-to-face with the realities of widowhood and emerges on a heartfelt path to personal growth. With wry humor and poignancy, Tincture of Time brings hope and practical wisdom to those on the road to recovery from the loss of a spouse."

—Constance Ahrons
Author of The Good Divorce and We’re Still Family

"In Tincture of Time, Judy Schreiber-Mosher opens her soul to share the unfathomable depths of grief she feels in the wake of her beloved husband’s death and the mysterious process by which she moves through it. Schreiber-Mosher takes readers on her personal voyage through unknown waters, reminding us that, while death and life are inevitably interwoven, love is transcendent."

—David Harte
Writer, The Late Show with Craig Ferguson

"I could not put this book down. . . . Schreiber-Mosher talks about the death experience of her husband and her own grief experience in a unique way that is both vividly real and hysterically funny! I encourage any widow or widower to put this book at the top of the list. It is through the telling of her real-life story that one gleans all the ‘helpful tips for mourners’ that are usually described in a grief self-help book."

—Robin Fiorelli, LCSW
National Sr. Director of Bereavement and Volunteers
VITAS Innovative Hospice Care

"Tincture of Time is more than a glimpse at one woman’s grief process and her struggle to rebuild her life. And it is more than a guidebook for those suffering through their own loss and grief. It is also a love story—the love between the author and her beloved husband, and the author’s love for herself. Love ultimately leads to healing, to rediscovering and embracing life. And that love is what makes Tincture of Time both extraordinary and important."

—Mike Foley
Dream Merchant Magazine

"Judy Schreiber-Mosher’s passionate, pointed, and unsentimental account of losing the greatest love of her life touches the foundations of why we live and breathe, and reminds us that nature is fickle and our time on earth is borrowed from the great unknown. But even more than that, the book vividly displays the wonders of a loving marriage, the kind of relationship that defies and surpasses even death."

—Peter Stastny, Psychiatrist
Author of The Lives They Left Behind: Suitcases from a State Hospital Attic

"Tincture of Time is a beautiful love story that continues long after one marriage partner dies and the other begins to move on alone. It is also a wise, sensitive, and generous investigation into what Schreiber-Mosher calls the ‘roller coaster of feelings’ she experiences as she grieves for her husband and takes the first steps toward reshaping her life. Neither sentimental nor despairing, the book brings laughter, tears, and—most important—a sense of strength and hope, even in the darkest moments. Anyone who has ever loved another person or suffered loss will respond to this honest, compelling, and brave memoir."

—Francine Klagsbrun
Author of Married People: Staying Together in the Age of Divorce

"Unadorned, with cool humor and linguistic ease, the author articulates the unspeakable: hopes, thoughts, and fears in the face of the fatal illness of her beloved husband. There is a life worth living for those who are left behind."

—Peter Lehmann
Editor of Coming off Psychiatric Drugs

"This unique book is filled with breathtaking moments of self-experienced knowledge in what it means to become a widow. Widowhood encourages a deep awareness of the complications involved in suddenly being alone. Schreiber-Mosher’s intimate memoir is a testimony to the truth of our human condition and its healing resourcefulness."

—Theodor Itten
President of the Swiss Association of Psychotherapy

"While acknowledging that there is no formula for grieving, Judy Schreiber-Mosher tells her story in a way that will have you crying and laughing. Her strength and bravery are inspiring. This is a must-read for anyone who has been touched by death—which is all of us."

—Kathleen Wilhoite
Actress, singer, songwriter

"This remarkable account verifies that widows can restore their spirit, fulfill their own destiny, and determine what needs to go or stay in their lives. You will read it ‘cover to cover.’"

—Donna Limerick
Award-winning documentary producer, formerly with National Public Radio